What’s up guys, it’s Aleks at Parker Inspections. Okay, so we’re bringing you your daily slice of PI right now. If you have any questions go to parkerinspections.com or you can give me a call at 918-978-6844 and I can talk with you. Whatever your question is, we can talk about it or if you’d like to schedule an inspection we can do that all that, or you can go on our website to do it.

Anyways, okay for our daily slice of PI we’re gonna be going over, so, anytime you have like in your soffits or eaves where the end of your roofline is, we want to make sure that there are no holes there. One of the reasons why is you know, if birds or like squirrels or raccoons or any type of animal to get into your attic space because then that could be a potential to where they could chew through wires and all kinds of stuff. And you don’t want them poking up in your attic, that’s disgusting.

So, I’m in this attic and I’ll show you what I found. So there’s a squirrel. Over in that corner of the house, there’s some wood rot at the soffit, and so  I almost guarantee that’s where the squirrel came in, and I don’t know when it died, but it’s dead,  but it’s been up here and so I’m gonna be looking around the attic for any damage that squirrel could have caused. But it’s easy enough, if you have some water at a soffit or a hole or a lot of times the animals can actually like dig a hole through the wood, so just look around your property make sure that there are no holes. And if there is then patch the hole. Make sure you get whatever is inside out first and then patch that hole.

Again, if you guys have questions go to parkerinspections.com, I would love to talk with you. You can call me at 918-978-6844, or you can shoot me a text. Whatever is easiest, thanks guys