An improperly secured mantel poses a danger. Check your fireplace mantel and make sure it’s secured and safe.

What’s up, guys. It’s Aleks, Parker Inspections. Hey okay so for today’s Daily Slice of PI we’re going to be
going over the mantel over the fireplace.

This one just so happens to be… I’ll show you. You see how it’s moving? It just has a nail here maybe a screw right there. Screw right here and here and a couple of nails right there. So this is what’s holding up the…I don’t know for how much longer but say a kid were to come right here and pull on that I could almost guarantee you that would probably fall. So whenever you’re looking at a house or even yours if you’ve never even thought about it just go over and check your fireplace mantel and make sure it’s secure because you want to just make sure that it’s safe just in case if. My wife would probably decorate heavy enough that it would probably fall.

So just a little tip so.

If you have questions, if you’d like to schedule a home inspection contact us and we’d love to talk with you. Thanks, guys.