Tulsa is notorious for air conditioner problems. There are many reasons you’re air conditioning could be taking longer to cool than desired. That is why you need a home inspection Tulsa. Regardless of the age of the unit, having a regular maintenance is always the best to prolong the life span. Some common causes are due to lack of freon, disconnected duct joints, missing duct insulation which will be assessed in your inspection. If you want to make sure you know every detail about your new purchase before you actually purchase if then call Parker Inspections LLC today. You can give us a call today to schedule an appointment. The number is 918-978-6844. Parker inspections is here to give you the quality service you need for your inspection.

Missing Insulation Can Cause Air Conditioner Problems

If your ducts are missing insulation then that could be the reason your house isn’t cooling. That is not the way it should be. The areas where there is missing insulation will act in two ways. It will make the hot or cool air loose its desired temperature faster. Insulation is a vital park in keeping your home temperature the way you want it. Duct insulation and attic insulation is extremely vital. Your attic insulation is going to keep the hot or cold air in the room for longer. If you are looking for Home Inspection Tulsa, then call us so we can get you taken care of.

Home Temperature

Making sure the joints on the ducts in the attic or crawl space if important for your home temperature. Unless you are looking for a disconnected duct, it is very hard to see. Most of the time the insulation wrap is covering the joints. If you are lucky the insulation wrap will come loose to show the separation. If the insulation wrap is covering, the easiest way to find duct separation is by looking for different dimensions in the wrap. It takes a special eye to see all the deficiencies in an air condition unit and all its parts. Make sure to have a professional do a thorough inspection to get you all the information you need. Home Inspection Tulsa has many inspection company’s but Parker Inspections is the one company that will get you a report within twenty four hours and have a thorough report.

Low Freon is a problem

Low freon is a very common problem going from winter to summer. If you’re unit is running on too little freon something will happen. The compressor will run much longer to reach the desired temperature. Sometimes it can be as easy as calling a licensed HVAC technician to service your unit. They would need to add freon to the lines. If adding freon does not fix the issue, you might have a leak in the freon lines. A HVAC tech will be able to pinpoint where it is leaking at and repair as needed. There is another way to get the best outcome.  Make sure the insulation wrap on the freon line located at the compressor is not damaged or missing.

There are many ways you can have loss of temperature in your home. Make sure to get your unit professionally checked on a regular basis. If you are purchasing a home or would like to get an inspection done on your home to make sure you can get everything fixed before you sell give us a call. Parker Inspections LLC is a very reliable company to take care of all your inspection needs. Call 918-978-6844 today to schedule an appointment. You can view our website at parkerinspections.com.