There is always the option to have a standard home inspection. The home inspection will cover everything from structural, electrical, mechanical and plumbing. However, there are some things you can add to a home inspection that most inspectors charge an extra fee for. Most of the items that have additional fees added to them are because they require more extensive work to preform or they are just add ons to the home in general. There are some, like a crawl space, that are highly recommended to pay the extra fee to get inspected. There are also some, like sprinkler systems, that don’t need to be inspected but can be if you desire.

A crawl space is something that is definitely recommended to be inspected because of many reasons. The importance of a crawl space inspection are determined by a couple different factors; structural integrity, plumbing, electrical, ventilation and more. Without going under the crawl space an inspector will not be able to truly understand the integrity of the structure. It it vital to look under every bathroom in a crawl space because they are notorious for wood rot. Without going under the crawl space an inspector would not be able to detect any leaks that may be present at the plumbing. For the small extra fee to inspect a crawl space, it is well worth the investment.

Another item that is recommended to be inspected, but not required, is a septic system. You want to make sure the system is in normal working order. The last thing you want is to purchase a home and soon find out that there is a leak in the plumbing leading to the lateral lines or the septic tank itself. The way Parker Inspections tests a septic system is by flushing a red dye tablet down a toilet followed by an average days use of water. The reason we put flush an average days use of water(around 100 gallons) is to fill the tank to a normal days amount. Once it is reached to that point we will be able to see if there are any leaks in the system. The red dye will show in the grass if there are any leaks in the system. Without an inspector on a septic system the only way you would be able to tell if there is a problem is if you start to smell sewer gasses. Better to get it inspected so there arent any surprises.

There are a couple of items that cost extra that do not necessarily have to be inspected. A sprinkler system is a good example. I am always more than happy to inspect a sprinkler system( Parker Inspections inspects sprinkler systems for free). Many inspectors will charge for this extra inspection. Basically what they do is go through all the systems and make sure each one controls individual sprinkler heads. We will walk the property while each system is on to make sure there aren’t any sprinkler heads that are not stuck or damaged.

There are many add ons you can put on your inspection. In the end it all depends on what you want to be inspected. Add on fees vary greatly depending on how much extra time it takes to inspect and the complexity of the system. If you have any questions about systems or items that you are not sure are included in a general home inspection, call Parker Inspections today. We are always more than happy to answer any questions.