Hey guys it’s Aleks with Parker Inspections hey okay so this will probably be a quick one again
but today’s PI tip is going to be over just hiring a professional to do the work.

And again if you have questions or if you
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for you guys but okay again today’s pie
tip of the day is hire a professional

and I’m going to show you a couple
examples I’m on a roof obviously this is

not how you repair shingles or put a
patch of shingles on there’s just so

many different issues with that right
now and then there’s just a couple

patches the owner said that the roof was
replaced eight years ago and then I

don’t know how long ago these patches
were done but I mean this these patches

are literally just laying over top of
all of the other shingles and I mean

really you can literally see and not to
mention they haven’t patched this yet

they might not even know about it but
there is wind damage this shingle I laid

over it because they’re just sitting
there but that’s not gonna be pretty

outside so it might be more expensive
but I guarantee you in the long run

it’ll be cheaper if you hire a licensed
roofer or a licensed contractor for

whatever you’re working on it doesn’t
have to just be a roof just whatever

you’re working on hire professional have
it done the right way so it lasts longer

there guarantee you these patches are
not going to last

as long as if they were done the right
way and again if you need contacts or

referrals for anything I have a whole
list of referrals and definitely for a

roofer this guy need to roofer I’m gonna
recommend so again if you have any

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you guys